this short is absolutely fantastic. i watched it for the first time a few months ago and i was just completely in love with it. from the cinematography to the simple yet powerful tragic it shapes up to being this french short is brilliant in my opinion.

warning, this is not at all a pick-me-up film, and it is fairly dark in it’s final ending, but i think that’s what i love so much about it. from the fall of the hero to a character which we no longer have much respect for, who meets his tragic end because of the very lie he spun, to the use of his narration to give us a glimpse within his mind allowing us to reconnect with him in the last moments, its fantastic. it captures the moment, the emotion, the tension, and the pay off is amazing.

one of the techniques that they used which i was so taken with was the use of showing us the end before we see the beginning. its a trait and feature that i absolutely adore, and when done right, it takes a director’s showmanship to a whole new level. it places us right in the middle of everything. we have no idea how it got to here, we don’t know who anyone is, and then right as the turn is starting to be revealed, we are snapped back to the beginning. its just a fascinating storytelling technique that i feel never gets quite enough recognition.

in all this is a brilliant cinematic film, the score is amazing, it’s a fantastic story of a hero who falls to the depths of his own passion and trade to find a villain underneath, and an overall spectacular short anyway you look at it. it is even worth a second and third watch for sure! trust me, you will want to watch this!